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Custom Rings & Pendants

Jake's Opal Shop offers custom pendant and ring setting of our Australian opals in both gold and silver. Add your setting of choice from the page below!

Our silver settings use three types of silver, fine .999 silver for the bezels, Argentum silver for ring bands, and sterling for the pendant bails. 

Fine Silver Rings & Pendants 

Silver Bezel Setting

Custom Fine Silver rings will be bezel set based on the size and shape of the gem. Please select the correct ring size as well on the product page. If you have any requests message us through the website chat, email, or on social media.

*New Options Available*

We are now offering the option of different band types for both gold and silver rings. Thinner style bands, flat bands, and D-shaped (half round)

Original Silver Bezel Setting

The original bezel setting will consist of a half round band and a bezel setting for the ring. If you would like a thinner style band send us a message after ordering!


Custom Design Silver Bezel Setting

The custom designed bezel setting will consist of two choices shown below with a unique twist in the design. The band is square by default but can be substituted for half round. Choose from the two styles below!


Original Fine Silver Pendants

Custom fine silver pendants will be bezel set based on the size of them gem. Pendants come with a choice of either a 1mm sterling silver box chain or a 1.3mm sterling silver Italian bolo cable at the size of your choice.


Gold Rings & Pendants 

Our Gold pendants & Rings now have more options including your choice of metal purity and color, as well as band style.

Gold Ring Bezel Setting

Get any of our beautiful Australian opals bezel set in white, yellow, or rose gold in the purity of your choice


14k Gold Pendant Setting

The pendant setting consists of a bail and a bezel setting. Back can be open if requested. Chain not included.

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