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JakesOpalShop has a perfect 5/5 rating score on our facebook page.


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"I would very highly rate Jake and his amazing opals. He was totally awesome to deal with especially important when you are half a world away literally as a customer in Australia.

Nothing was ever a problem to Jake and I absolutely love my opal thank you very much. If you find the opal you love at Jake’s shop then go for it and purchase it in confidence!!" -Lori J.

"Jake's Opal shop has some of the most vibrant, beautiful and unique opals I have ever seen, at extraordinary prices...and I'm a gem collector so that's saying something! I opted to pay for the ring setting for the stone, and Jake did an amazing job!! The stone was set perfectly to accentuate it's beautiful features. I couldn't be more happy with my purchase, I absolutely recommend this shop to anyone and everyone who loves opals. I will definitely be buying from here again!!"

-Heather B.

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